Saturday, March 31, 2012

Religion formula

The Religious formula that is yet to be proven, but in the works and is subject to empirical data:

95% of people in every religious group get their religion right
02% of people in every religious group are enforcers
02% of people in every religious group are easy goers
01% of people in every religious group are intolerant ones

Whether you are a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Atheist or other... the formula works... Most people do what their religion teaches them to - to be a good human being.

95% of people in any group, religious, race, ethnicity, nationalistic or otherwise, tends to be moderate and wants to get along with every one... and mind their own business.

It is the 1% intolerant and 2% enforcers that make it difficult for every one... and oddly, this group knows the other group that is similar to them in the opposite camp - they both recognize each other and hate the other with passion. No group is free from the three percenters.

Deep down all of us are good people... we have to find that and stoke it in others, others are our mirrors, we see us in them, and we hate them or love them.

I was an atheist for nearly 30 years of my life - Islam is about pluralism to me, what the 1% Muslims represent does not make Islam for me... what the 97% represent is Islam for me. I see the beauty, inclusiveness, and pluralism in Islam - just as my fellow 97%ers see it. Let me be clear – no, my religion is not superior to others, that would be sheer arrogance, all religions do what they are suppose to do; make you a better person and a responsible citizen, if you are not, then study your religion again and again till you get it.

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